Filipp Shubin


Position: BIM designer of high current, low current and automatic systems

Academic qualification: Master of Science in Engineering (Tallinn University of Technology)

Phone:+372 5344 3008



Filipp works as a designer of electric projects in O3 Inseneribüroo. He has acquired a Bachelor degree in electrical power engineering and Masters degree in automation and robotics in Tallinn University of Technology.


Filipp has gained experience in BIM (Building Information Modeling) designs while he was working for an international company and also during internships in companies like Elering and ABB in Estonia. Filipp is also a fluent English, Estonian and Russian speaker.


One of his strengths is to model indoor and outdoor lighting in the BIM model. This ability will specifically help to determine whether a projector in a given project is capable of providing lighting and energy efficiency norms.


His vision matches with that of the company – BIM desings in civil engineering are a step forward and O3 Inseneribüroo is the one that offers these designs already today. Filipp goal is to offer clients, as a part of O3 Inseneribüroo team, innovative and environmental friendly design solutions with maximum quality.

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